Virtual mailbox solution designed to automate access
to all your postal incoming mail online

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Get a mailing address with your own private mailbox (not a P.O. box). SphereMail makes this process so easy and affordable that all your postal incoming mail can be managed online or on your mobile device.

Remote Access to Physical Mail

Who has time to go to their office and check their physical mailbox? SphereMail allows your employees/members to sign into a secure online platform where they can manage their paper mail from any location.


Dashboard to Track Request

Don't bother searching through old emails and spreadsheets. All of your mail management requests are consolidated in one place, streamlining your entire mail management process.


Send Instant Notifications

No need to write any emails or make phone calls. SphereMail sends instant notifications whenever any new mail is processed or an action is performed on the mail.


Manage Scans, Forwards, & Shreds

Easy-to-use drag & drop window to upload scans, expedient way to process forwards and record shreds all in the same place. You and your employees always know where an item is in the pipeline.


Print Pre-Paid Shipping Labels

Fast and easy option for mail forwarding! Instantly print the shipping label with prepaid postage using USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL and a number of international carriers.


Add Mail in Batches

Our batch mail feature remembers all previous senders and considerably speeds up mail processing time. Type the name of the employee/member and see a clickable list of all previous senders.

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To bring the world closer and help people around the world have the flexibility to access and manage their postal mail 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To help businesses from all sectors run their business effectively and efficiently by digitizing postal mail at a stunning speed.