Easy interface, you can integrate your own branding, it takes the human error out of managing mail manually. We use SphereMail to manage our mail for our virtual office program. The user experience is excellent and the platform is really easy to use.
Jamie Russo
myBusinessBar was Utah's first coworking business center. As such, we have been 'pitched' numerous white label options to help automate and streamline our services. We decided on SphereMail because of the superb functionality of their platform, and the ease it provided our clients for sign up and mail receipt, all of which is offered at lower rates than many of their counterparts.
Kathryn Christiansen
SphereMail has been awesome in allowing us to streamline our mail system at our coworking space. It's generally easy to use and an incredible value for the price. SphereMail's team have also been tremendously helpful and always answer any calls to address any questions or walk me through any issues.
Caitlin Kraina
We have been using SphereMail for almost six years. In that time, it has become so much more robust, offering many more features and options. Whenever I have an issue, Customer Service is always there to help me. I thank SphereMail every day for making my mail handling easier.
Julie Kodama

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